Thursday, March 23, 2006

Off-Stage Lives

Our lives are just as important off-stage as they are on-stage, maye even more important. Why? You never know who knows you from the stage. More importantly, to God, there is no "on-stage" or "off-stage." Allow me to explain...

Last night after rehearsal my wife and I made an ice-cream run to McDonald's (my favorite resturant). After ordering at the drive-thru window, I pulled around to the first window to pay. I handed him my credit card, to which he asked, "Do I know you from somewhere?" I said, "I'm not sure…where do you think you've seen me?" He asked, "Are you from a church?" He recognized me as the 'guitar guy' (as he called it).

I was floored. How did this guy remember me from such a short time three days prior? He obviously was paying attention in the service. Or he really likes guitars. Or he really remembers how bad my singing was. No matter…my life off-stage at that moment was being compared with my life on-stage by this employee. I asked him how he ended up at Grace last Sunday. He said some friends of his invited him. I asked if he usually attends another church. He replied that he had gotten away from attending church. (obvious next question). I asked if he was thinking of coming to Grace this next Sunday. He replied he was planning on it. [Do you really think he'd reply "no."]

We exchanged names and I pulled forward to let the line of cars behind me get their grub. I grabbed our ice-cream and drove away. I was excited to hear that someone who didn't regularly attend church came to Grace. And it was great to have a chance meeting with him. But it reminded me that people know who we are on-stage, and they'll compare and judge us with what they see off-stage.

God, search my thoughts and know my mind. Point out anything in me that is inconsistant in my life off-stage. I want to be the same no matter where I'm at. I want to point people to You no matter if I'm on-stage or off-stage.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Hi Bryan,

    This was the first time that I read your blog. In fact I wasn't sure what a blog was. (Some of us aren't all that computer savvy) Boy was I missing a really important part of your ministry. Please forgive me for ignoring such a major part of your effort. Some of your comments spoke directly to concerns I have had about my participation in the music ministry at church and I found them to be very helpful and more than a little thought provoking. I don't know where you find the time to do all that you do, but keep up the good work. I'll try to be more faithful to your blog in the future. MIKE SMUCKER