Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Invest, Invite, Include

The following couple of blog posts are adapted from Andy Stanley and Dan Reiland (The Pastor's Coach). Andy came up with "Invest & Invite" and Dan added "Include." This first post will be on INVEST. The next two will be Invite and Include.


Do you have a heart for people? Most people do. If you do, you are probably already investing in people. People matter to God, that's why He invests in them. That's why we should invest in people too. Investing in others should be natural. Simply build relationships with people who fall within your circle. Each person you cross during the week are opportunities to invest. Have people over for dinner. Meet someone for lunch. Revisit a returant again and again to get to know employees.

What is IT you invest? Invest YOURSELF. That means time, care, energy, compassion and other resources you may have. In other words, be a friend. Friendship doesn't happen by acciendent. When two become friends, it's because one of them decided to invest first.

How are you doing? Who are you investing in?

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