Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Report #4: Rhythm Rehearsal

OK, I was prepared to do some serious work tonight in syncing up the musicians and locking in the parts. But the musicians are doing phenomenal! It really is incredible how the music is coming together for this.

So tonight we rehearsed the following...

3 keyboards (piano, strings, auxiliary)
1 oboe/mallet
1 drummer
2 electric guitars
1 bass guitar
1 aux percussion (sat in to design parts)

We had the musicians turn around and not look at each other and play with the click-track monitor to test out our theory of the band playing together but being unable to hear each other or see each other. Worked like a charm.

A big thanks to Joel Davidson for creating the click-tracks to the 3 tunes and suggesting to play with recordings. Not only did he create the click-tracks (which work beautifully) - he did a great job in retuning his Variax guitar and adding a fifth doubling effect on his electric setting to "virtually" play off the top of his fret board. That's innovative.

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