Monday, August 04, 2008

A Worshiper Responds to God

I'm not sure who wrote the following email. It was sent to one of the musicians here at the church. Frankly, I don't want to know who it is — that way I can use it completely for God's glory (not mine or theirs).

This is a beautiful picture of how words and music can point someone to God in the middle of a time of worship. This is not something that I (Bryan) can manufacture, schedule, or fabricate. It's all up to the heart of the worshiper — and their response to God.

Praise God for working in people's hearts in the following way. Here's what the email said.
...There are a few songs that occasionally simply leave me in tears. They reach deep into the moment and circumstance of my life and walk with Christ, touching deep chords of emotion. The first time I heard the Revelation Song, I began to sing and simply could not go on.. My heart was awestruck and filled with the infinite grandeur of our Creator, Lord, and Savior. I could only read the words, listen while others sang, and worship with deep emotion. I've heard it twice. Last time I was able to get about a 1/4 or the way in before being halted with the same experience. I cannot ever remember being affected the same way by a sermon, although I've heard 1,000's - many very challenging & exciting. Music reaches in a very different way into the very depth of our souls and strikes a kindred chord which a sermon can never do...

When's the last time I felt this way about my Creator? When's the last time I EXPRESSED how I really felt this way about God?

Here is "Revelation Song" if you aren't familiar with it. This is Kari Jobe singing at Christ For the Nations (Dallas, TX).

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