Thursday, January 14, 2010

Topeka Light Show 2009 Survey Results

It's a good idea to evaluate an outreach effort. That way you can answer some of the questions:

1. What worked?
2. What didn't?
3. Who did we actually reach?
4. Should we continue or kill this?
5. Do we need to reinvent it?

Interesting...about 25% were from TBC. That means 75% were not from our church. That's a good thing. However, only 12% stated they don't have a church they attend. That leaves 63% who said they were from another church.

Another interesting view, it seems that attendance at the light show snowballed from the first night. That's a good thing.

Last good thing I'll point out - almost 50% saw the light show for the very first time. Glad we aren't reaching just the same crowd.

Here are the full 350+ survey results from the 1,500 people (of 6,000 total) who submitted email addresses. You can deduct some other positives/negatives from the survey.

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