Tuesday, January 09, 2007

12 Hour Van Ride with Kids

Here is it! Our 2006 Christmas vacation highlights...

If you are stalking the Nelson's or simply want dirt...here are some of the pictures.

1. The all-nighter van ride from PA to WI (Joshua watched DVDs until midnight, we are terrible parents)
2. Visiting the Apple store with my younger brother (link to pic)
3. Playing Worms World Party with my nephew and brother
4. Going on a date with my wife, we did something for him/her/us (Olive Garden for us, Target for her, Best Buy for me)
5. Christmas get together with entire family
6. Dad reading the Christmas story to the family before we opened gifts
7. Watching my dad and younger brother try to calm Kayla, pure entertainment
8. Making it from PA to KS in less time than Mapquest or Google Maps calculated, even with gas stops and feeding Kayla (probably no traffic thru Chicago on Christmas morning)
9. Making it to WI with having to pee only twice after drinking a 20oz Coke, 20oz Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, and a 20oz Dr. Pepper - it was a Christmas miracle
10. Attempting to read my email on my parent's 26kps dial-up connection, geeesh.

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