Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kansas Trip Highlights (January 2007)

1. Almost missing the flight out of BWI due to weather...we should of checked the weather before we left PA. But nooooooo...we got stuck in 8mph traffic on the beltway.

2. Econopark Service at BWI, they pick you up AT YOUR CAR, help load all your luggage with a SMILE, offer free BOTTLED WATER in their WARM van to everyone, help load out all your luggage with a SMILE, and all for $5.95 a day. Compare that with no pick-up, no luggage help, no water, no heat, no smile, at $8.00 a day for BWI's satellite parking. It's a no brainer.

3. Joshua (2 years old) sitting in his seat on the airplane with his seatbelt on with no crying for 2 hours. It was a post-Christmas miracle.

4. Observing two flight attendants descreatly pull up the pants of a gentleman who couldn't walk to his seat on the plane. I'll buy tickets on Southwest for years simply because these two attendants demonstrated love toward this gentleman. I know why there's a heart in the middle of the Southwest logo.

5. Lisa's side of the family was able to see our daughter Kayla for the first time ever. Priceless.

6. Trying to figure out how Lisa and I would watch two of our favorite TV shows when they were on at the same time. She's a 24 fan. I'm a Heroes fan. I have the gift of mercy. My wife...well, she watched 24.

7. Being introduced to a game on PS2 called "Guitar Hero 2" by my brother-in-law (the same one who burnt my back with a firecracker on the last trip).

8. Joshua attempting to play "Guitar Hero 2" with me. It's simply didn't work.

9. Uploading over 3 GIGS of information to an FTP site from my laptop at 16Kbps. It took 72 hours. Geesh!

10. The "you might be a redneck if..." calendar displayed on the exterior glass of a Kansas drive-thru bank. Only in Kansas.

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