Monday, October 29, 2007

Giving Up My Cruise

The Bible says when someone tried to pay for David's sacrifice of worship to God, David's response was -- "No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing." (2 Samuel 24)

What would be considered a sacrifice for me? I'm not talking about small stuff here. What would be an enormous sacrifice? The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much God has blessed me. What are the things I cherish the most in my life - and would I be willing to give them up for God?

It would be like working for 10 years to save up for a cruise to the Carribean. I would have to save for the trip. Arrange my schedule. Save up vacation days. Setup arrangements for the kids (ok, Lisa usually does this - she's the saint). A big sacrifice would be to say a day before the cruise - you know, I'm not going on this cruise. I'm going to give it up, even though I paid for it in many ways, and give it to someone who deserves it more than I do.

Isn't that what a part of worship is? Giving up something I thought had cost me a lot for a God who deserves it more than I do. He's worth it. In fact, He owns it to begin with.

Got to be honest here. I'd have a hard time giving up that cruise. I'm so American.

God, help me to really worship You. Show me ways that I've cheated You by being selfish and self-serving. Call me out for the times I thought I ever deserved anything - because compared to You...well, You deserve it all. I don't deserve anything because I owe my life to You.

DISCLAIMER: No goods or services were provided by Royal Caribbean in exchange for the contribution of this blog.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Royal Caribbean here. You and Lisa had won our latest free cruise, but in view of your blog, we understand that you would prefer to give it up.
    So we've transferred it to Jim and Melody.

  2. Anonymous6:22 AM

    You put it right on the money. This is an item most people dream of and thinking of sacrificing a trip like this makes us think about what a real sacrifice is. Good for you Bryan! J & J C

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    ROFL at big kahuna's comment. I LOVE that! Have a good time, Jim and Mel!