Friday, January 09, 2009


Interruptions. They frustrate us. We don't see them coming. We wish they didn't happen. We are relieved when they are over. How many times when sitting in my office do I view unannounced people as an interruption?

The Bible has a similar story about a tax collector (Matthew 9). This IRS guy was at his office when Jesus stopped by. Not only did the tax collector listen to what Jesus had to say, he simply followed Him — and left his work. And it appears He left immediately.

In the end, the interruption was really an appointment with God - a divine appointment. This tax collector ended up inviting Jesus over for dinner - where many other of his friends (other tax collectors and "sinners") were also eating. It caused a commotion because it looked bad — Jesus hanging with the bad crowd. But Jesus' motives were to do what was right in His Father's eyes, not man's eyes.

When an interruption happens - do I ever look beyond it to see the divine appointment? If I see the divine appointment, do I embrace it - or think the opportunity to follow it is too risky?

Lord, help me to look for how You are working — and when You ask me to follow You, give me the courage to move where you want me to be.

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  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    is it a divine appointment when a co-worker interrupts my date night with my wife to discuss double cheeseburgers?