Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vocal Team Notes

Here are some notes from last week's rehearsal with the entire Vocal Team. These are just some thoughts recently that I've been thinking of for us. It's not a full list — but important for today.
  • Music is NOT the most important thing here, our relationships are (with God and each other). While we seek musical excellence, it's not the main driving force...worship is (meaning what we are singing/playing). In other words, don't be afraid to be a little messy if it means you are authentically worshiping.
  • Wean yourself off sheet music ASAP. The music is there to serve the purpose of meaning something from your heart — rarely do others believe you mean something if you are reading it from something else. The video monitor screens in the back are there to help us lead without obstruction.
  • Lead into the next song by keeping the energy going between songs (applause, amen, visually).
  • Your visual expression of worship is more important than your musical execution. Both are important, but visual is more important.
  • Take the stage in a casual fashion. Come up from the back of the stage or from the auditorium or wherever...and at different times. We'll leave the stage orderly though.
  • Continue to sing if the worship leader backs away from the mic...they are letting you take the vocal lead.
  • Track with what is happening. Eyes and head should track with someone who is giving announcements or talking on stage during worship. People are watching us.
There are other things we've talked about — being messy, dressing to lead others in worship, and others. If anyone wants my notes...just email me.

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  1. Thanks Bryan for these reminders. I sometimes get off in my own little world and some times I really don't pay attention when the Pastor is speaking and we (the band) are still on stage. With the in-ear monitors I can’t really hear what he is saying, but I should at least act like I can. I find myself looking around to see if I recognize anyone one in the congregation. I didn't realize how distracting it was until I watched the service online and I saw myself looking around. Thanks again. Good stuff Take care.