Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wondering what difference I can make, I'm just one person

I've grown up with the band Delirious?. [For those that don't know, the ? is a part of the band's name.] I just read an article in the Topeka Capital Journal about a project this band (and its leader Martin Smith) are undertaking. Parts of the article "Artists respond to the needs of the poorest of the poor" are clipped below.

How about me? If God has placed me here on this earth to make a difference, what should it be? Can little me really make a difference? If so, how?

Or do I shy away from making a difference because of the old thought that I'm only one person — what could I possibly do?
clipped from

Artists respond to needs of the poorest of the poor

Martin Smith, shown with his wife, Anna, was so moved by what he saw in Mumbai that he started CompassionArt with some of his Christian music cohorts.

Smith, who has gained worldwide acclaim as the lead singer of the UK-based group Delirious?, took time out from staying in a five-star hotel to visit a mission project in the slums of Mumbai.

So, instead of bringing home one child, Smith and his wife decided to adopt all 70 children who were living in the project.

In a recent phone chat from the UK, a six-hour time difference from Topeka, Smith seemed gratified and a little surprised at the attention CompassionArt has garnered to date.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Smith said. "I think God must be in it. We're grateful for all the support."

Smith said there was no "game plan" for CompassionArt but did say he was hopeful the artists would band together for some live shows next year.

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