Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Group Former Known As...What's In A Name?

Wikipedia states, "Prince Rogers Nelson (born 7 June 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American musician. He performs simply as Prince, but has also been known by various other names, among them an unpronounceable symbol, leading fans and critics to dub him The Artist Formerly Known As Prince or simply The Artist."

How's that for a change? Prince used a symbol to be his name. And, no, I'm not related to Prince.

I don't get caught up in name games...names for music groups that is. Too much time can be spent on syntax, meaning, and brand to miss the mark on purpose, motivation, and end result. But there is a time that select a name that represents the group clearly is important. That's why I've made a significant change.

It's important that we are changing the name of the one and only foundational vocal group at TBC. When we killed the choir and killed the vocal bands last year - we created one foundational vocal group. We called it the mass vocal group.

1. "Mass" because it underscored the group size. There are a lot of vocalists in this group. All of them, in fact. If you were a vocalist, attended TBC, wanted to be a part of the worship arts ministry — then this was the doorway. No auditions. Low committment (one monthly rehearsal, lead worship monthly during the acedemic year).

2. "Vocal" because it leads worship through the vehicle singing...not because they are loud or obnoxious, contrary to some people — but not me : ).

3. "Group" because it was going to be an organized structure to this team. They were going to assemble, pray together, have fun together, and lead worship together.

So why the change? Several reasons...

1. The term "mass" recieved a joking question from some. I understood why. "We aren't catholic are we?" Well, not in the denominational sense — although some creeds we recite refer to the one apolostic catholic church (symbolizing unity, not the demonination). Regardless of what the word meant, it conveyed a meaning that we didn't want convey. TBC is not offiliated with any denomination of church — so "mass" maybe wasn't the best choice of words.

2. We lacked the meaning that this was the one and only foundational group. It needed to symbolize that this was the doorway in which all vocalists become involved in leading worship. The "Vocal Team" implies that there is only ONE vocal team. By design, the name communicates this — that we are ONE team of vocalists.

3. We lacked the meaning that we work together to lead worship. "Team" implies that we work together. Most teams do. If they don't, there will be individual voices working indepentant of each other. Think about a football team. Sorry ladies. Think about a syncronized swimming team. (Now I'm in trouble). Did you watch the Olympic synchronized swimming? If so, it's amazing how they work together. If they didn't, those patterns and flips wouldn't happen. You might as well put a football team in the pool and watch them flounder.

So that's why the group (formerly known as the Mass Vocal Group or MVG) is now called the Vocal Team (VT for short).

And thanks to the person who said it sounded like Ovalteen. I'll think of fake chocolate milk every time you lead worship.

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  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I'm sure gonna miss our Catholic vocal group!
    Jim Congdon