Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Ultimate Sound/Electromagnetic Proof Room

Check out this room used to test a special antenna used to research hurricanes. It's designed to reduce nearly all electromagnetism in the room. It also, weirdly, absorbs sound.

I'm wondering who comes up with this stuff?

But it also reminds me that there's nowhere anyone can go to escape the omnipresence of God. God really is everywhere at the same time. It's a good feeling that no one — no man or spiritual power — can separate us from God. It's both a comforting and wondrous thought.

Lord, help me to always be conscious that You are always with me. Help me live my life WITH You — instead of ignoring You or forgetting You are there.
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12, 2008:
There's a special room at the Marshall
Space Flight Center. Researchers call it the "Anechoic
Chamber" and they love to test their high-tech instruments
people think it's just plain spooky.

see caption
Anechoic Chamber is the perfect place to check HIRAD's antenna.

shapes lining the chamber's walls are made of a radio-frequency
damping material arranged in a pattern akin to soundproof
rooms. The shapes minimize microwave reflections and eliminate
electromagnetic interference.

electromagnetic quiet allows us to test and fully characterize
the HIRAD antenna," explains James. "Lack of sound
is just a weird bonus."

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