Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chewing God Out

They call him "Honest Abe." That's Abraham Lincoln. In the Bible, Job was the one who was pretty honest with God about his "bad luck." In fact, Job kinda chewed God out. Job told God exactly how he felt about his situation. And what was God's response? God took two chapters to remind Job that he was a human and that He was God. Really, God told him that Job had no business to question Him. Stinks to be Job.

However, God honored Job's truthfulness in how he spoke about Him in spite of his human honesty. God concluded with "...because you [Job's misleading friends] have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has." His friends didn't speak truth about God. In Job's trials, they tried to convince him to deny that God still cared for him. They were wrong. Even though Job was honest, and it bit him in the end - God liked the fact that Job spoke truth about Him.

When I'm in trials, do I speak the truth about God? Am I always convinced that God has my best interest in mind? The truth is that He does have my best interest.

God, thank you for understanding my situations clearly. I'm sorry for the times that I question what Your intentions are. I have no position to ask. You are far above me to question what you are doing. My human nature it to ask. Forgive my questioning. I want to speak truth about You - which is that You know best when it comes to what happens to me. Help me live that out.

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