Monday, December 05, 2005

Just Wait

There aren't too many things that press my button. But what I'm going to share today is one that really does. In fact, it takes everything in me to not come back with a smart comment. Someone with my personality doesn't have too many of these occurances, but this is definatley one of them. So what is it?

It's when others say to me, "Just wait until (you fill in the blank)! You'll really understand how hard it is." Let me give you an example. Before I left college, people would tell me "Just wait until you are living on your own and you have to make it yourself." After I moved away from college and family, people said, "Just wait until you get married." After I got married, they said, "Just wait until the honeymoon is over." That led to, "Just wait until you have a kid." Which led to, "Just wait until you have two kids." I'm sure the next one (which I've already heard) is, "Just wait until your kids are teenagers."

I feel like saying, "Just wait until I hit you in the mouth," in love of course.

What posses us to say this to other people? Maybe it's because we feel like we've gone through the fire and that we are preparing them so they aren't surprised. Maybe it's because it makes some people feel better about themselves because they've already 'accomplished' that stage of life. Maybe it's because they really think we are not going to be able to handle it.

Whatever the reason, most of the time it's negative in connotation. I have yet to hear someone say with a lift in their voice and gleam in their eye, "Just wait until you have'll love it." Or maybe, "Just wait until you have an empty will be a great chapter in your life!" Nope. Never heard it.

We seem to be stuck with our present situation being the one place we don't want to be. We talk about the "good ol' days" in the past or about that future "dream vacation" we can't wait to take in the future. We talk about the past and future positively - but we aren't happy with the present. I've been working on this week being content with the NOW. God help me to be more than just satisfied with the present - but taking hold of the present.