Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Remodeling Life

This past weekend we remodeled our kitchen. It was a large undertaking. We aren't talking just your regular wallpaper and paint here. This included a replacement oven, replacement microhood, replacement sink, new cabinets, garbage disposal, and a new dishwasher. Personally our favorite so far is the dishwasher. I'm sure in a couple of weeks we'll ask, "How did we ever do without one?"

It got me thinking...when is the last time I remodeled a part of my life? We become satisfied with the status quo in our lives. We have our morning routine. Most of us rarely vary how we do things, what we say, or try something new. For example, on a trip to McD's - the order is always a #2 without onions. First thing out of bed, go to the bathroom and brush teeth. Or coming home from the office, the first thing is to greet my wife with the question, "How are you doing?" We truly are creatures of habit.

If I remodel a part of my life - the question is which gets remodeled first? Most likely, the part that needs an extreme makeover is the part that will bring the most overall value to life as a whole. For example, if I have a bad habit that I engage in - maybe a makeover to get rid of the habit might extend my life. Or maybe my relationship with family members could use a refacing - which leads to healthier interactions and maybe even better relationships for the lives of others around me.

There are obstacles to remodeling. There's time involved. There's a frustrating learning process (who knows how to do everything in a remodel job). There are likley things that need to be improvised along the way (like the pipe that breaks off in your hand).

And then there's the final vision for the completed job. When my wife began to dream about the kitchen, I stayed out of all conversation about it. But in the end, my wife deserves almost all of the credit for the final result turning out the way she envisioned. She saw the future picture of what the remodel job was going to look like.

Taking an evaluation of life and picturing what we want it to look like in the future takes courage...but not as much courage as acting on that vision. You see, my wife could have thought about how nice the kitchen would have been if we remodeled it - but until we began tearing out the old cabinets it was simply talk.

God...give me the desire to remodel areas in my life. But more importantly, I need courage to act on the remodeling plans that are made. I want a life where You are welcome to enter any room that needs a change. I know You give me the resources for a remodel in my life, I simply need the courage to begin.