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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guitarist, Phil Keaggy, in concert at Topeka Bible Church - Sat, Jan 23 at 7:00PM

I'm pumped about world famous guitarist Phil Keaggy coming to our church Saturday, January 23rd. The concert at 7:00PM will be $15 advance tickets ($18 at door) - tickets will be available soon at Lifeway Christian Store or Topeka Bible Church. And there will also be a FREE guitar clinic the same day from 3PM to 4PM. If you've never heard Phil Keaggy play - watch Phil Keaggy master the guitar here.

If you've never heard Phil Keaggy play...see him on this video...

Monday, December 21, 2009

You would have cried too...

Simply beautiful.

Gospel Per Ear: How much would you be willing to pay?

How much should it cost a church to get the Gospel into the ears of it's community? The obvious answer is that it will cost something in resources (funds, time, energy, personnel, etc.).

You've heard the saying...if just one person comes to Christ, all that effort was worth it.

I disagree if it means it was done inefficiently.
Allow me to explain...

If I had a choice between spending $10 a person verse $5 a person to get the Gospel into their ear...I'd pick the $5 every time. Would you? So would any smart organization - that way they have more resources to do it time and time again.

For example, at Topeka Bible Church we had 2,075 vehicles come to our light show this year. That's a 13% increase over last year's traffic. How many people do you think were in each car on average. We use the figure of 3 people per vehicle...but let's be very conversative here and account for an average of 2 people per vehicle. If the budget this year was $6,000 for the light do the math, $6,000/(2,075 vehicles x 2 people per vehicle) = $1.45 Gospel per person.

Some would say we didn't spend enough compared to the rest of the church budget. Yet others would say, invest more in the ministries which have the largest impact (this is what wall street brokers do). Yet others are content to spend just enough to feel like something was done, but not too much to be a sacrifice.

Is $1.45 per person worth the Gospel? If not, what is? If you'd have been willing to pay more, what's your ceiling? Well, if it help to have a frame of reference, it's one of the lowest cost per person I've ever been a part of. Historically, at other churches, it's taken $80,000 to get the Gospel to roughly 8,000 people. That's $10 a head.

Here's another question, "How much did it cost God to reveal the Gospel to us?"

A BIGGER QUESTION is WHO were those people that we just invested $1.45 in. Do they attend TBC? Do they attend another church? Do they already know Jesus? Were any of them guests that a TBC person invited? We will survey this week to find out just WHO these people where and what connections, if any, they have to TBC or other churches in our community.

THE BIGGEST QUESTION... "If TBC doesn't get the Gospel into the ears of the community, what will that void be replaced with?"
Take your pick:
1. No one will 2. Another church who cares people enough to throw resources at it 3. Another organization who might not communicate the Gospel

QUESTION FOR MYSELF Is Bryan Nelson willing to get the Gospel into the ears of the community? If not, why not? Is it costing me anything to do it?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My mom with our daughter

My parents drove in from WI this weekend to catch the light show this
weekend at Topeka Bible Church.

My dad with our youngest

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Nelson's dance for Joshua's Birthday today - he's 5

Thanks to Suzie Carter for making this video for my son's 5th birthday. Watch Joshua, Tyler, and me dance it out.

Light show, hard at work

Thankful for this generation of dedicated volunteers. They save my hide.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Some of my light show compadres

There some farm engineering going on when John Crouse is involved.