Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blunt End of a Fork

Tonight, my eyes were opened a little wider. Lisa went out with some friends tonight. I watched the kids. Well, that's not totally true. I cheated and took Joshua and Kayla up to have some Taco Bell with family for dinner. The ride up was great. Kayla slept. Joshua asked where Mommy was. When we got to Taco Bell, Kayla let loose. Fortunately, my family (mom-in-law and bro-in-law) kicked in to help. Mom-in-law suggested she was hungry. No prob. I brought food (that mommy packed). But then I discovered the tragedy - there wasn't a spoon (daddy forgot to pack). Taco Bell didn't have any spoons either. Kayla was in full swing by now. So I grabbed what I could and fed her prunes and pears with the blunt end of a fork. It worked like a charm - except there wasn't a bib packed (another daddy airhead move).

Got me thinking. God cares for His children far more than I could ever care of my own children. God knows what I need, when I need it, how much of it I need, and how I will get it, and plans for it in advance. He does this without me even knowing it. Many times I never think to thank Him. Kayla had no clue that we brought (or forgot) all those items to cure her hunger. Good thing God knows how to care for us.

God help me to recognize that my entire life has been designed by You. I appreciate all the material and health blessings You offer to me. Open my eyes more often to Your grace in my life. I never want to take You for granted.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Phenominal Regardless of Style

I heard the Bill Gaither Vocal Band tonight. While the style is not my most favorite, I appreciate it. Phenomenal vocals. Authentically sung. And they have one guy with long hair.