Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Crack Syndrome

Have you ever walked into a friend's house and noticed a crack in the wall? You know, the things that were wrong with the house? Maybe a cracked wall here, chipped paint there, or maybe (gasp) stains in the carpet. While we may notice these things, chances are your friend doesn't see them. Why? It's called The Crack Syndrome.

The Crack Syndrome's premise simple; the longer we live with something that has errors/blemishes - the greater chance that we overlook them. This not only works with houses and other material items - it also works with relationships too. For example, I might meet someone for the first time and notice a "tick" they might have. To me, it's glaring. However, after spending years with this individual (OK, I'm not talking about my wife don't jump to ANY conclusions) those ticks seem to disapper. I don't notice them until one day I introduce my friend to another new friend. Later that day, my new friend migth say, "Hey, what's up with your friend...he's doing that weird thing." I might laugh and realize that I've simply overlooked it over time. That's The Crack Syndrome. We overlook cracks over time.

There's something beautiful and dangerous about The Crack Syndrome. It's beautiful because we can live our lives without pointing out errors and 'mistakes' when it really SHOULDN'T matter. However, it's dangerous because there are times when these cracks (whatever they may be) SHOULD matter. The key to The Crack Syndrome is knowing when it SHOULD or SHOULDN'T matter.

Sometimes we take The Crack Syndrome too far or too lightly. Tight wads tend to pay attention to the hairline cracks that will never hurt anyone - while enablers disregard massive cracks that threaten the foundation of the structure.

God, please help me to be concerned about the RIGHT cracks. The ones that don't matter - help me to let go of. The cracks that may crumble the foundation (whether in my relationships or my house) need my attention. Help me to know what the correct REPAIR method is for the cracks in my life and those around me. I'll be honest, Lord, I don't like pointing out cracks in other people's I need Your courage to be honest with I see things that may rock the foundation of my family and friends.

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