Sunday, October 29, 2006

How's Your Grass?

I mowed our lawn last week. Hopefully for the last time this season, but I kind of doubt it. Here's how it happened.

I was sitting at home not doing much (probably writing a blog post). I heard one of my neighbors mowing their lawn. Our son, Joshua, at this point knows enough to get excited and point out the window while saying "mo mo" (his word for mower). I affirmed his reaction and said, "Your right Joshua, that's a mower."

I wondered, 'How is our lawn doing - does the grass need to be cut?' Maybe it should be mowed? I looked out the window and compared it with my neighbors newly cut grass. Our own lawn could use the mowing. So I went outside, fired up the mower, and went to town. When the lawn was done, I thought to myself - "Glad I thought of that today while I had time." But the more I thought about it, it really wasn't my initiative. It was the sound of my neighbor's mower that prompted me to evaluate our lawn.

Isn't that how it is with our conversations about spiritual things with others?

It usually isn't until I hear about someone else's life or situation that I evaluate where I am at.
For example, when I read about a live in the Bible that was changed after meeting God - I think about my own life and what I should do. When I hear about a story on Sunday at church about how someone's life being changed, I evaluate - hmmmm, I wonder where I stand on that.

Maybe I should be sharing where my "spiritual lawn" is at by having conversations with others. The conversation that I'd have would be just like the sound of my neighbors mower. Once I talk about where I am at spiritually, the others around me might wonder, "Hmmmm...where am I at with God." Besides, once I'm honest and transparent with where I'm at - others might be willing to be more open and share where they are at.

Start your mowers! Find out how your neighbor's lawn is doing. Your neighbor might think about how their own lawn is doing too.

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