Thursday, November 16, 2006


Once you invest in relationships, take action to invite those you've invested in, a follow-up is essential to INCLUDE people. Our church has some simple and obvious ways for people to connect (Pastor's Class, Bible studies, Sunday classes, etc.). At Grace, Pastor Scott Distler leads the Pastor's Class. It’s low-key, Q & A based time built around lessons in the basics of someone's faith. It's a great on-ramp for someone who is new in their faith. Our church has also recently placed a high priority on connection (listen to recent messages on the need for our church to connect). There should be a place for every believer at church. Even though believers may not get to play the position they may initially want, there should be some time of position for everyone. Just like every great baseball team - there are pitchers, catchers, outfielders, and other positions. Some are first string, some second string, or some may even play multiple positions. It's the responsibility of coaches (staff) to determine the best placement, frequency of play, and equipping for the team to play a dynamite game.

Are you in the game?
If so, what position do you play?

Are you OK with what position God has you playing?

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