Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Santa Claus Really DOES Exist

How far are we willing to go to reach "as many as possible" with the message of love and hope that God provides to mankind? We had to ask ourselves that very question two years ago when the idea was brought up to have Santa Claus (referred to as Satan Clause by some believers) in our North Pole waiting area. How could we bring in a secular icon as we try to point people to the real reason for Christmas?!?!? BUT WAIT! St. Nick was a real dude! That's right. He's REAL! It's amazing what Googling Santa provides you with. I had no idea that Satan really existed. For those of you who are skeptics, here is the story that we gave to each child how visited St. Nick at Grace during our walk-thru.

"Saint Nicholas was a real person! The story of Santa Claus began with a little boy named Nicholas. Nicholas was born in a far country called Turkey. Young Nicholas went to church to pray and worship often. He obeyed what Jesus told him to do in the Bible, which was to “sell what you own and give money to the poor.” Nicholas used all his money to help those who were sick and needed help. He tried to do this in secret so that no one would find out it was him who was giving gifts. Saint Nicholas was a real person who gave his life to serving God."

OK, cute story. And, yes, we've twisted St.Nick to be what he "is" today. However, now we have another delema…

What do we do with these two letters that two children brought to St.Nick at our walk-thru North Pole?!

Dear Santa, I want Baby alive, Bath robe, 12 dancing Princesses, talking Dora Set, Princess necklesses. [name withheld]

Dear Santa,
I would like a Bbgun and a Star wars Set and a Star wars LAgo II and a eye pod and a Sefon. [name withheld]

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