Sunday, June 24, 2007

Outdoor Baptism Highlights

1. Snakes in the water. Had to throw rocks at them as people got baptized. Who's next?!

2 Our son, Joshua, pulled the power plug to the outdoor sound system while I was leading worship for the 300+ crowd gathered on the lakefront.

3. Lisa saying, "Crap!" and replugging the sound system back in.

4. Our daughter, Kayla, peed on Lisa's shirt. Nice big ol' wet spot for everyone to see. Lisa, I didn't know you got in the lake too...oh wait.

5. My Taylor fell out of the stroller without its case. Who's the dummy who put it in there?

6. Watching 12 people take their next step by following Christ's command in baptism.

Here are some picture highlights:

The crowed begins to gather on the hillside at the lake.

Our son, Joshua, takes an audio lesson from Nat.

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