Sunday, August 24, 2008

Creative Environments

Creativity. Innovation. Some think it happens naturally. Some think accidentally. But for me, it comes by a purposeful and forceful experimentation. It doesn't come naturally for me. How about you? do you set aside time to be creative on purpose?

Recently read a refreshing post on creativity over at Here 'tis...

We have been hanging out with the Hillsong team for the past couple of days. I love that they put such an emphasis on creativity. If you have never seen United live, you are missing out. It rivals any show I have seen. 40-50 foot light wall with 3 video screens…amazing video shorts, and the music, well that speaks for itself. So many creatives are misunderstood. You have to create the right culture for the creative to thrive, and Hillsong has done a good job creating such a culture.

In order for worship, business, life, or anything to move to the next thing, we have to move past the current thing, or the thing that has always worked. Sometimes stretching like that freaks us out, but to be innovative, you have to be willing to blow some stuff up and fail sometimes.

Here is a faux mac commercial that is killer about creativity.

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    Thanks for the blog love man. Great posts. Love what your doing here.