Friday, November 21, 2008

Coincidence or divine appointment?

Looky who we met at Olive Garden on our date night. It's Lucas from the "other establishment" from our last date! We couldn't stop laughing. For the former post on our first encounter with Lucas, you'll need to read it here.

Was it coincidence or divine appointment? Personally, I don't believe in luck. Think about it. He wasn't even supposed to work tonight. Plus, out last date night was October 10th - just happened to be the last night Lucas worked at the other restaurant. And to top it off, two TBCers had dinner in the booth next to ours at the same time and said to Lucas, "By the way, TBC is the best church in town." Coincidence? You tell me.

PS - Lucas, if you are reading this - we'll get you a full itenerary of our upcoming dates for you. We follow good service!

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