Friday, February 13, 2009

Can others tell what you believe, like an Honest Abe?

What do people see when they look at us? I wonder when people look at my life, or meet me for the first time and spend 5 minutes with me, if they could tell exactly what I believe and why I believe it?

If not, then am I wasting God-given opportunities given to me? Just wondering.

Check out what USA Today, and others, had to say about Abe Lincoln's faith 200 years later...

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200 years later, Lincoln's faith remains an enigma

Lincoln didn't make things easy for historians. He was reticent and often inscrutable about his personal faith. Moreover, his ideas changed over time, as he dealt with the deaths of two sons and the pressure of the presidency amid the Civil War.

Still, Lincoln never joined a church. Some say he just wasn't a "joiner." Others argue that he couldn't abide by complicated creeds.

Many agree Lincoln wasn't the type to open himself to the spiritual scrutiny often expected of church members.

"He was a very private man," biographer David Herbert Donald said.

Nevertheless, when Lincoln's son Edward died in 1850, he turned to a Presbyterian pastor for answers. "Why did God take my son?" he asked the Rev. James Smith of Springfield, Ill., at the beginning of their friendship.

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