Monday, April 06, 2009

Why I sing and keep my mounth SHUT, major Sunday blunder

Yes, it happens to everyone. But for some reason, I simply don't think about it - which is why it gets me in trouble. This is the single most risky thing about putting me up in front. Another pastor once told me, "When you are in public speaking, the chances of you embarrassing yourself grow exponentially."

So here's what happened. Last week our baby boy (Tyler Sean) was born. You can read about it in the previous two posts. On Sunday (2nd hour) the announcement MC asked me to share the news with everyone there. So I did. I gave just enough information - it's a boy, he weighed 10 pounds 11 ounces, and his name.

I was done - or so I thought.

The church applauded. The announcement MC (yes, YOU, Hunter) says, "Good job, Bryan."

Since I thought he was referring to the birth, I just blurted out "Hey, I had nothing to do with it."

At first, it didn't register...until the rest of the church started hooting and hollering. I looked to my left and right and the band was just shaking their heads. I had no idea of the double meaning. I simply thought I shouldn't take any of the credit for all the work that goes into the labor/delivery.

Thanks Hunter, for cleaning up my mess. This is why I sing and keep my mouth shut.


  1. Jerry Polman3:27 PM

    nice... been there.

  2. I needed that laugh tonight. Yes, we've all been there and in this case, I can see exactly why you said what you did because after all, you had just given the birth stats.

    And that brings me to another thing...whenever someone says about your newborn, "She's so cute. Good job, guys" -- what is the response supposed to be? We heard that several times after both our girls were born. I caught myself one time almost saying, "No reason to good job us because we didn't do anything." But I caught myself in time as I wasn't sure how that would be taken and after reading this, I'm thinking it was a good thing. :-)

  3. And that is exactly why I worked so hard behind the scenes to trade you to the Topeka Bible Church for a player to be named later!

    Love ya, bro! Have a great Easter!

    P.S. Remember this from our church stage..."I think we have time for a quickie!" Or better yet at District Conference, "How many of you would like us to never do that song again?"