Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to plot on a map where people live who come to your church

Ever wondered where people live who attend your church? Ever need to figure out who lives in your neighborhood and attends the same church? Maybe you could use the data to start a Bible study in your neighborhood. Or maybe use the map to find the unreached people groups in your city.

If you've got a tab delimited database - then head over to and let it go to town. Try it out for your church. You might be surprised. Maybe you won't.

Check out the plot for Topeka Bible Church. Click on the images for the larger size.

  • The "hole" you see in the middle of Topeka is the park/VA.
  • We draw from SW of TBC mostly.
  • We strong draw just SE of 470.
  • TBC's "unreached people group" is in the triangle created between north of 470, Topeka Blvd (just East of TBC), and the Philip Billard Municipal Airport (North East).
How about you? Does Christ have a presence in your neighborhood?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE geeking out with databases and maps! I used to use dabbledb, but for something like this - might be worth it!