Monday, June 22, 2009

Results of "Have It Your Way" worship

Last Sunday at Topeka Bible Church, we took requests from worshipers, then voted with the applause-o-meter. Want to know the results?


  • Blessed Be Your Name (beat out A Mighty Fortress Is Our God)
  • I'll Fly Away (beat our Amazing Grace)
  • Days of Elijah (beat out Victory In Jesus)
  • How Great Thou Art (beat out Wonderful Grace of Jesus)

  • I Can Only Imagine (beat out Days of Elijah)
  • Made Me Glad (beat out Give Me Your Eyes)
  • Jesus Messiah (beat out Shine, Jesus Shine)
  • Amazing Grace [My Chains Are Gone] (beat out In the Garden)
  • In Christ Alone (beat out The Power of the Cross)

  • Days of Elijah (beat out Majesty)
  • In Christ Alone (beat out Above All)
  • Hosanna (beat out Say So)
  • Your Grace Is Enough (beat out Lord, I Lift Your Name on High)
  • *Untitled Hymn [Come to Jesus] (beat out Give Me Your Eyes)

* We will sing this song this upcoming Sunday, June 28th at Topeka Bible Church because Jim Congdon requested it to be sung as a part of his message.

You might be wondering how we worked this with our synchronized location " Lower Auditorium (LA) ". We took two requests from Lower Auditorium (LA) to generate the list. Then we asked Lower Auditorium (LA) to be the tie breakers if the applause from Main Auditorium (MA) was too close to call. Thanks to Lower Auditorium (LA) - we needed two tie breakers.

So which ones where you glad that got beat out? Which ones were upsets for you?


  1. I love Days of Elijah! Wish we sang it more often! Not so much a fan of the "Say So" song!

  2. I like Say So but it has a weird ending.