Monday, July 13, 2009

TBC Worship Rewind: July 12, 2009 #sundaysetlist #sundaysetlists

Leading worship from the piano is different for me than guitar. 1. One can control transitions in and out of songs more easily. 2. One has less interaction with those who've come to worship. 3. One has less opportunity to give non-verbal communication to the rest of the band.

At rehearsal, we had serious click/loop/sheet music/display lyric sync problems. Thankfully, on the weekend - it was all ironed out. Thanks to Jim Welborn on lyrics for keeping a cool profile and having a great attitude.

Our Aviom IEM (in-ear-monitor system) setup is having some issues. I learned this weekend that our A-Net mixer lost a channel. I mean, it's gone. We had to re-route the stereo keyboard and B3 organ setup to different channels and avoid the dead channel 7.

Musically, it was great to have a week that I didn't worry about anything. That tells me we don't need to work on the music end - we need to work on ironing our sync and audio issues.

Watch/listen to last weekend's message

Set List:
  • Say So>Israel & New Breed
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness>Word Music (nice arrangement in 4/4 time)
  • Oh the Deep, Deep Love>Sovereign Grace Music (great new song)
  • Revelation Song>Kari Jobe
  • Hosanna>Paul Baloche
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