Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exit Interview: Why are people leaving your church?

What if people were leaving your church because they "never felt fed?" What if people were visiting other places to get what they felt they needed because they didn't get it at your location? What if people were just singing words instead of really meaning them during a worship gathering? What if people questioned if the majority really even had a relationship with God?

Then, what if they told you they believed the change should come from leadership? (Gulp, that's me.)

What would you do? Anything? Or is it easier to turn my head?

So here are some big questions...

1. Do people in our church have a relationship with God? What percentage do you think?
2. Are we sure people are growing deeper in the relationship? Where have they come from, where are they today, and where are they going on a spiritual spectrum?
3. Are we using God's Word to feed people? If not, how can we so that #1-3 happen?

How do we evaluate to figure out these things?

Some deep questions for this morning.

1 comment:

  1. I recall a pretty cool talk about church not necessarily being all about being fed more and more and more to our greatest desires, whims, and cravings. Didn't Jesus create the church as a place of encouragement and community for those who were actively feeding others around themselves? There's gotta be some balance here, plus questions about right motivations if we're walking away from churches because WE aren't BEING FED up to OUR standards.