Sunday, April 01, 2007

Our Relationships Remembered

How will we remember Grace since we began the transition to Topeka Bible Church? It came crystal clear to me last week Sunday when I came in early to setup my guitar rig. Garry, a guy who's been a part of our stage crew, said to me..."You know how I'll remember you Bryan? I'll always remember the breakfast we had together with the load in crew before our patriotic event. I was able to spend time with you outside of regular stuff."

Garry is's the relationships that we will remember most. Not the tech toys, not the organized structure of ministry, not the impressive productions, not even the fun music. True, these are important and they can be helpful tools and methods - just not as important as our relationship with each other.

I'll miss my time with Garry...and the rest of the team at Grace. But I know that God will have relationships on the other side too. At the end of this life, it's the relationships that we'd want around our deathbed. Family is some of the most important relationships.

God, help me to remember that people are the most important in life right after my relationship with You. Help me prioritize life right. You first, others second, me last. Help me use things to get relationships. Show me how I can avoid using people to get things.

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