Thursday, April 26, 2007

Things Left Behind in Lititz, PA

After being in Topeka, KS for two weeks - there are a couple of things that are dearly missed. Here's a list. The next post will be things that Topeka has that Lititz didn't.

  • Smelling chocolate from Wilbur and manure from the fields at the same time. It's a love/hate thing.
  • The Lititz Community Band, Moonlighter's Big Band, and other community music groups. Where else can you find great volunteer musicians who do it for the fun of it?
  • The Grace church family. Joshua and Kayla had tons of grandparents that sat in while we were away from family.
  • Going to Two Cousins for lunch every Monday. I'll miss Juan and Scott complaining about getting skimped on chips.
  • Going to McDonald's for lunch every Tuesday thru Sunday. Let's hear it for value meal cards!
  • Walking to see the ducks at Lititz Springs Park. Feeding them bread illegally.
  • The house on West was our house where a lot of firsts happened for us. First home owners. Joshua and Kayla's first home there. First time I've mulched.
  • Getting free chinese food samples at Park City's food court. You can eat a whole meal by strolling thru the food court once.
  • Hearing the horse and buggies clip-clop in front of our house.
  • Driving our cars through the horse and buggies 'slip-slop' in front of our house.
  • Getting hit with shrapnel from the July 4th fireworks at our place.
  • Watching all the suckers get rained on from our porch during the July 4th fireworks.
  • Our neighbors. The Stauffer's (on our left) and the Swinehart's (on our right) were great neighbors. We will really miss them and their kids.
  • Walking to Greco's Italian Ice on hot summer nights.
  • Bomberger's Store. If they don't have it, they'll order it for you. If you can't fix it, they'll show you how.

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