Monday, July 16, 2007

How to Be An Attractive Worshipper

Everyone is attractive - in some respect. I'm not talking about physical beauty. I'm talking about the fact that humans attract the attention of other humans. More importantly, humans attract the attention of God. God notices.

So how can we be attractive to God?
Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Be mindful of our insides. God is more concerned with heart condition than our physical appearance. Our outsides aren't as important as our insides to God. 1 Sam 16:7, Psalm 33:1

2. Sacrifice something. Is it easy for us to come worship on the weekend? What does it cost us? Is a 10% easy for us financially? Is 15%? If it doesn't cost us much, maybe it's not showing how much worth God is really due. David wouldn't worship God unless his sacrifice cost him something. 2 Sam 24:24

3. Fear. The healthy "awe" kind of fear. God notices those who rightfully stand in awe of Him. Jaw dropping bewilderment. God will notice those who worship Him in a state of authentic "awe-ness." Psalm 33:8

4. Listen and obey. God noticed Noah because God knew Noah would listen to Him. not only was Noah listening, Noah actually did what God wanted him to do. Does we obey God to the point He notices? Are we even listening? Genesis 6:8

God, help me attract others to You with my physical appearance, my speech, what I spend time doing, and most of all with taking purposeful steps to make personal sacrifice. I want to obey You instead of doing what attracts people to me. Help me not worry about what people think of ME, but help me to begin worrying what people think about YOU.

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  1. Hey Bryan I just wanted to let you know that I like reading your blog it is really an encouragement to me. Hey and keep up the good work on Sunday mornings you are doing great!!! I just started my blog you should check it out it is pretty sweet hahaha it has pics from TBC youth camp last week it was a crazy time!!!
    With Christ's love and prayers,
    Katie Harrison