Monday, July 09, 2007

Missing From GTD My Task List

I'm a big GTD fan. GTD stands for 'get things done.' I use a free application on my MacBook called iGTD (see link here). There's a ton of online charts based on the concept. It's not a new concept - just a popular one right now. But I've realized a very important task missing from my task list, maybe your too?

Large projects are broken down into smaller tasks for these contexts. For example --

Example Project: Prepare musicians for Sunday

This project is then broken into smaller tasks, such as...

Task 1: Select music
Task 2: Find recordings
Task 3: Convert recordings to correct keys
Task 4: Publish a rehearsal CD
Task 5: Find sheet music
Task 6: Edit sheet music
Task 7: Publish sheet music binders
Task 8: Publish online recordings and PDF files of music
Task 9: ...and so on

These tasks are then assigned different contexts of where they are accomplished. Office. Home. Computer. Call. Errands. Read/Review. Agendas. Waiting For. The hope is that productivity increases because downtime is diminished. Obviously, the entire task list is prioritized and time sensitive.

But what I find missing from my GTD list is the spiritual side of my life. Prayer. Worship. Listening to God. Serving someone without the public knowing it.

Question is...what would Jesus' GTD list look like? In turn, what should mine look like. Maybe I should have a large project entitled "Live Like Jesus" and have tasks that are designated for that area.

God, help me to know the important things on my GTD task list. Give me Your wisdom in discerning what objectives, goals, projects, and tasks I should engage in. Help me to ignore the ones that Satan would love for me to be distracted with.

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