Monday, August 20, 2007

Intimidating Worship

I've been asked, "So how do you feel when you know 'so-and-so' is in the audience." When we learn who the other worshippers are, sometimes our mind plays tricks on us. How differently would I prepare for dinner if I knew Mr. President were coming for dinner, as opposed to my best friend? Why do I bring out the best china, silver, and make sure all the kids' toys are picked up just when Mr. Significant is about to arrive?

When it comes to gathering for worship, does it really matter who the other worshippers are? Sure, I need to be mindful of who else is worshipping with me so that we can craft an opportunity for those who've gathered to worship. Remember, worshippers have come for the same reason I give the worth due to our God Almighty.

I shouldn't be intimidated by a famous person who came when they really aren't my audience anyway? The One who created me is my only audience. Famous people aren't my audience, they are fellow-worshippers. After all, I only have breath because God Himself allows it. Approaching Him should be the most intimidating of all. Famous people tend to not have the ability to give me life or death. My audience on the weekend does - He's the One who created me.

God, we worship You regardless of who our fellow-worshippers are - no matter how significant or insignificant we may be in each other's eyes. You hold us significant in Your eyes. Help me worship You instead of being worried about the other worshippers who've come to do the same.

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