Monday, August 06, 2007

Stage Fright

Last Sunday was "youth Sunday" and Stephanie (youth intern drummer) asked if I got nervous. I replied, "Yes, just about every time."

Here are some things I get nervous about:
1. What if the projection screen fails?
2. What if I forget the chords or roadmap?
3. What if I lose it emotionally?
4. What if what I planned doesn't really lead people in worship?
5. What if I say something inappropriate?
6. What if I start in the wrong key?
7. What if I sing off-key?
8. What if I forget where I am in a song?
9. What if I give the wrong cue?
10. What if my life isn't what I am on stage?
11. ...what if...

There's something missing from the list though. Where's the, "What if I try to do this without God?"

It's those times that I should be most concerned. I think I can do it on my own strength and without God's help. Just maybe if I have all the lyrics memorized, chords down, techs in the loop, roadmaps setup, perfect audio mix, etc. - just maybe things will go "perfect." Yes, be prepared. Yes, lead with confidence. But I need to be fearful of taking the stage on my own. I'll screw it up without God.

Next time I'm asked if I get nervous, maybe I should reply, "Yes I am. I'm worried because I DO feel like I have everything under control." That's what I should be nervous MOST about. Not the secondary stuff.

God, You are my ONLY audience when I lead worship. I don't want to worry about getting things right for the other worshippers. I'm not there for them. We are here for You. I want to worry about getting my life right for You alone. The music doesn't matter - my life does. Help me be worried about what matters MOST - pleasing You, honoring You, and not getting in Your way.

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  1. Anonymous6:52 AM

    One thing to remember my worship leading friend. Yes you are worshiping only for God, BUT if God has called to be a worship leader, your job description is to bring NOT only yourself but the enire congregation to the throne room where they can see Gods glory and experience His presence. -Kevin Frank, Vineyard worship leader - OH