Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Christmas Report #7: Two Women & Extension Cords

Went to Walmart again and picked up a few extensions cables (see cart in picture). Then headed over to electronics to pick out a monitoring radio. Two gals in electronics helped me with the radio, but asked what in the world I was doing with my cart of cables. I explained. They became so curious that they ASKED ME to return to the store with more information about the light show. They want to come and see it. If you go to Walmart - say hello to Francis and Amber. They even checked out my whole cart at the electronics check-out. That was nice!

While you are there, please thank Rezaul for loading all the cables into my car. I now have a Target 6 list.

Amber and Francis in electronics at Walmart.

Rezaul with a great attitude loads the car with me.

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