Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Report #2: Christmas Strings

My wife is playing a big behind-the-scenes part in this Christmas event. Not only did she pick up 70+ candy canes from Walmart (previous post), she is also encouraging me to work late and be with the kids herself. Not only is she doing this - she wrote all the keyboard and string parts from the recordings for the light show. I am so grateful that I have a wife who is a part of ministry life - and doesn't want any credit. So I'm giving her credit here. Thanks Lisa, for being a big part in making this come together!

So we had our first & last string sectional rehearsal this past Saturday. The parts Lisa transcribed were right on! With a few minor adjustments - the strings will fall into place nicely. Kudos to the strings to playing in Db (kringe) on the one selection. Strings and guitarists hate flat keys - and Db is about as bad as they come. The key will work great for vocal range and the mood the song fills.

Looking forward to a great window spectacle from the strings. Those bows will look great in the black light!

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