Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Resolutions

OK, this one's going to be personal. Why? Because I'm all about being transparent. Hope this isn't too transparent for some of you - or me. I've set some preliminary goals for 2008. I'm using a site called "Joe's Goals" below which is actually a site where I'm tracking how well I'm doing on my goals. The green graph is actually how well I'm doing. I'm not sure what happens if it gets below the grey line - but that's where I DON'T want to be.

ADDED NOTE ON 1/9/08: Initially, I thought I could actually share my goals with you - however, when you click on my real-time graph - it only takes you to an example (not my own). Sooo, I'll have to post below what my goals ACTUALLY are. The graph here is simply a thumbnail of my overall status, but without details.

Bryan's Personal Score Badge

OK, now for the actual daily goals...

20 minutes w God
15 minutes w wife
15 minutes w guitar
brush 3x daily
connect with distant family
eat healthier
floss daily
less TV
no caffeinated pop after 7pm
pack a lunch
weekly family devos

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