Monday, January 14, 2008

Bryan's Playing a WHAT?

Our existing orchestra instrumentalists at TBC have been hearing about this for months, but many other might now have heard yet. Beginning in 2008, the existing orchestra will turn into TWO orchestras. Two? That's right. Two orchestras. One will be a non-auditioned "All-Church Orchestra" that will play every 2 months on a weekend without the Mass Vocal Group. This All-Church Orchestra will be a multi-generational of all playing levels. The other orchestra will be a very streamlined "Studio Orchestra" that will play with the Mass Vocal Group on weekends. It's important to note that Studio Orchestra members are required to be in the All-Church Orchestra. In other words, the Studio Orchestra is a very small branch of the All-Church Orchestra. I'm exicted about this change because of opportunity to connect with a wider range of musicians. As you see new musicians, welcome them to the TBC worship family. Oh, by the way, I'll be PLAYING in the All-Church Orchestra myself.

Want to know what I'll be playing? I'll be playing a sackbut. Don't know what a sackbut is? Click here to find out.

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  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I thought you'd be playing the bass "posaune" :)