Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kerry Livgren in the Movie "The Imposter"

Award winning musician/composer Kerry Livgren will make his feature film acting debut in director/screenwriter Daniel Millican’s (A Promise Kept, Striking Range) upcoming drama, The Imposter. Livgren has been cast in a supporting role in the motion picture opposite Grammy winner Kevin Max (dcTalk), who will star in the film’s lead role of ‘Johnny C’.

The trailer is now available. See how God is using Kerry, rock legend, now moviestar, and a common man who teaches a Bible class each week at church.

According to the film’s co-producer Troy Baker, “So often we have idolized Christian Artists almost to the point of deifying them. Their humanity is lost in the limelight we so easily thrust them into. This film not only deals with the lifestyle and subsequent breakdown of ‘Johnny’, it also pulls back the curtain on the Christian Music Industry. At its very core, though, The Imposter is a story of redemption and self-discovery, and what it truly means to believe.”

In his role, Mr. Livgren’s ‘Proff’ mentors the fallen Christian rock star in an attempt to help ‘Johnny C’ salvage and rebuild a life that was once perceived by others as picture perfect. After reading Millican’s moving script, Livgren decided that the time had come to take the plunge into acting. “I am a musician and composer. I never envisioned playing a role in a motion picture, yet I am very pleased to be a part of The Imposter, with its message of hope and salvation.”

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