Monday, April 21, 2008

Tony Blair Tries to Find a Church to Worship At

Imagine trying to find a church that has to decide if it can handle YOU worshipping there. What if the president wanted to worship at your church? What about Jesus? Read the full article.

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  1. Anonymous5:41 PM

    It comes to something when a Christian leader, and former Prime Minister of my country, is not able to attend a church regularly in case he is assassinated. I'm sure Blair would take the risk, if it were up to him alone.

    But the fate of others, and the ensuing civil unrest if an atrocity were to be committed, are concerning the authorities. Talk about being held to ransom by the mob!

    And all because, it is alleged, (though ANY excuse will do for terrorist fundamentalists or loony liberal lefties), he stood up for freedom and democracy in this world.

    What IS my country and our world coming to?

    God protect him, and us.