Sunday, August 31, 2008

Olympic sized Milli Vanilli that would make Miss Simpson proud

I remember being wowed by the Olympic orchestra in Sydney, Australia. Just learned that it was pre-recorded by a different symphony. {sigh}

Authentic music. I wouldn't mind minor mistakes. Folks, let's be real. Let's be authentic on and off stage. Perfection isn't our idol - excellence and authentic performances are.

Turn off the pitch correction. Throw out the pre-recorded versions. Give me the real deal. The raw display of what musicians work toward.

Maybe we should stop the metronome/click-track with the worship band. Maybe not. Drum loops? Thunder SFX in "Revelation Song?" What do you think? Fake? Or is it a help?
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Just for the record: the Oz Olympic music was phoney too

Eight years after Sydney hosted what was dubbed "the best Olympic Games ever", officials with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra acknowledged that their stirring performance at the 2000 opening ceremony was entirely pre-recorded.
"If you've got an event the size of the Olympics, and you've got billions and billions of people watching it, you definitely have to have a backing track and mime to it, because anything could go wrong," Mr Green said.
"It is just a 'safety first' thing. You simply cannot take the risk."

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  1. Crazy!! I won't tell you some of the things that we heard here! :)