Wednesday, October 12, 2005

All in the Family

Last night, my wife and I were reading a story together about a dad and his little girl. This girl wanted to show her dad a picture that she drew, but the dad kept telling her, "Later, I'm too busy with work right now." The girl became flustered after several attempts and finally plopped down in his lap and demand to show him her picture. Feeling bad, he agreed to see the picture.

It was a beautful picture of their family. There was the little girl, her baby brother, mom, dog, a big house, and hamster that was twice the size of the dog. The dad commented on how pretty and well-done the picture was. His daughter then slid off his lap and made her way outside his study area.

Then the dad's heart sank. He thought something was wrong. He asked his daughter to come back and show him the picture again. As she lifted up the drawing to him, he noticed something missing from the picture. He said, "I see mommy, you, your brother, the dog and hamster...but honey, where is daddy?" The little girl replied, "Daddy is at work."

While this story is a true story, I thought about my life and family. Will my 10 month old son grow up and ask where his dad is? Will he resent the work, church, hobbies, or whatever I engross myself with. I'd like to say I'm strong enough to know when my life would be out-of-balence - but maybe not.

God wants to find a place in our lives as well. I struggle enough with human relationships - how about a relationship with someone I don't physically see? If I would draw a picture - would I even think to put God into it...or would I put only those horizontal relationships I have?

God, help us to be all in the family. I want to be in the pictures that my kids draw. I want to be their biggest mentor, their best friend, the one with advice, the one with answers, and the one who will always have time to look at their precious drawings. Most importantly, I want to be a reflection of Christ to my kids. When they think of me, I want them to see Christ and understand who He is.

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