Monday, October 31, 2005

Red Devilish Ax

So I got a new guitar. My wife and I agreed that if we redid the kitchen that I could get my final electric guitar upgrade. So, after going through our finances and budget, we realized we could do both. So here it new guitar.

My old guitar was a red devilish ax. (Who ever said that Satan is red anyway?) It wasn't my first pick of guitars to play during worship - but the price was right when a friend of mine was getting rid of it. The red beast played in tune and did the trick - so I used it. It played better than my first blue sparkling guitar (which was another friend's guitar, that gave me a good deal). Others said that the cut-away on the Les Paul hollow-body styled guitar looked like a devil horn - but I played it anyway.

I found myself with buyers regret (but not too much) as I drove home with my friend Todd with the new guitar. Why was I getting this guitar? Did I really need it? Was I really being a good steward of what God has given me? (Get behind me Satan!) That's my personality - analysis paralysis. But I plopped down the money anyway - and there I was on my way home with the new guitar. The stop at Taco Bell made it a little better on the way home.

When I woke up Sunday morning and grabbed the guitar & case on the way out of the house - I found myself praying all the way to the church. I was asking God to make this guitar a tool that I could use for Him. I didn't want it to be the focal point of that Sunday morning, the rhythm band, or in anyway. Human nature had my little-boy-grin all over inside as I plugged the guitar into my amp.

"New toy?" The other band members asked. "Kinda," I replied. So what! Big deal. People get new cars all the time. People get a new haircut. The minute you change aftershave - everyone notices.

Maybe I should have been thrilled? Thrilled that God made it possible for me to lead worship that morning on a nice guitar. Thrilled that I have the priveledge to even come before Him with anything. Thrilled that I had the budget I had. Thrilled that I had the freedom to lead worship at all. Thrilled that others could enjoy the fact that God has blessed me.

So why should I hide it? If anything, I have the tendancy to be too frugal, shoot for the lowest common denominator, and feel guilty whenever God decides to make things fall in my favor.

God, thank You for what you give me and when You give it to me. Everything I have comes from You. My guitar, my family, my skills, my health, my life...everything! Help me to point others to You with what You've given me. And help me find a good home for the Red Devilish Ax.

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