Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What then?

On Monday I was at a memorial service for a woman that I never met. It's amazing how stories and music will impact those who have a strong connection behind them. But for those without a connection to the person who passed away, it's simply a story or a song. One poem that caught my attention at this service impacted me. It's all about what one does with their life...where they go, what they do, what they pursue. It was a good reminder that the most important perspective is an eternal perspective. The poem read...

"What Then"

A youth and an old man talked one day;
Said the boy, I think I'll go away,
From Dad's old farm to the city with my friends.
And the old man looked and asked, "What then?"

I'll have some fun in the ole town;
And after a while I'll settle down,
Get a job and earn a lot.
The old man smiled and said, "then what?"

O, I reckon I'll meet the girl of my dreams;
Whose folks have money, and then it seems,
I'll build me a house with everything new.
And the old man asked, Then what'll you do?"

O, I guess I'll invest in bonds and stocks;
They say that's where opportunitiy knocks,
Make lots of money, Live it up for sure.
The old man laughed and asked, "What more?"

Well, I suppose I'll retire, I believe;
I'll travel and live a life of ease,
The old man thought as he scratched his head,
"Then what'll you do my son?" he said.

For a moment the lad made no reply;
Then slowly he answered, "I guess I'll die."
A silence fell as both of them thought,
And thoughtfully the old man asked, "Then what?"

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