Monday, July 23, 2007

A Formula for Worship

When our daughter Kayla was born, she was an angel for the first 2 weeks. After the 2nd week, she went ballistic. She wailed for hours on end. We couldn't figure it out. She was more than collicy - she was downright in pain.

We finally figured out that she wasn't ready for the real deal. She wasn't ready for formula. Not even soy formula. Nope, Kayla wanted the best - $9 a day special formula that was already broken down for her. In fact, she still takes it today.

What was the problem? We weren't meeting her where she was. We tried to give her what she needed, but at a level that wasn't correct for her. We had to figure out the hard way that she needed something different than what we thought she needed.

When it comes to worship, our daughter Kayla taught me a great lesson. Before I expect worshippers to worship, I had to meet them where they were at. Most people walk in to a worship setting not thinking about God, were busting their tails to get there, or talking with their friends they haven't seen since last week.

The first words utters, the first song sung, the first images worshippers experience will do one of three things - point eyes to God, turn their eyes away from God, or have no effect. It must meet the worshipper where they are -- then point them to God. Grab the attention, then give attention to Whom it's due. If I don't first meet them where they are at, I'll be in for choppy waters ahead - just like our daughter Kayla.

It will cost something to meet worshippers where they are at. It would be easier to serve Kayla the same food the rest of the family eats. It would save us time and money altogether. But it costs us something to meet Kayla where she's at. Remember, it will cost us something to meet worshippers where they are at. It was cost us thinking power, time and people resource, and, yes, it will require us to spend a little extra cash too.

Be mindful when you craft the first element in worship. It will set the tone for the rest of the morning. Remember to figure out where most of your worshippers are at before they worship.

God, give me wisdom in knowing where the worshippers are at before we begin. Help me craft a time that points them to You - not me or anything else. You, alone, are the One that deserve the attention. Help me to learn how to point our eyes to You.

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  1. If you even think about stealing our "Meeting...Moving" purpose statement we are going to sue your pants off!!

    Love and miss ya, bro!