Monday, August 13, 2007

How to Select Musicians

What are the things I look for in musicians and other volunteers who I consider unpaid staff? Assuming they are believers, I tend to boil it down to three major things: Availability, Attitude/Heart, and Ability. The order they are in is important as well.

AVAILABILITY (the most important)
What season of life does God have you in right now?
Are you available for rehearsals and worship gatherings?
Are you able to be at rehearsal for its entirety?
Is your family OK with the sacrifice to volunteer?
Is this something God wants you to do (or something YOU want to do)?
Do you have the time to prepare for ministry in advance and sharpen your skills if necessary?
Do you attend church to worship off-stage when you aren't scheduled?

ATTITUDE/HEART (very important)
How big is your heart for pointing others to God?
What are your passions?
Do you really want to do this?
Do you care about where/how you serve or simply that God uses you?
Is your heart attitude the same on-stage as it is off-stage?
Are you willing to serve in any capacity, or just the position you'd like (servanthood over stardom)?
Are you a team player and encourage those around you when leadership isn't around?
Are you teachable and willing to try to learn new things?

ABILITY (least important)
What talent/skills has God given you?
What have you done to hone the skills God has given you?
What is your vocal (range, tone, color, blend, vibrato, etc.)?
What is your instrumental skills (technical, endurance, tone/color, rhythm, steady beat, etc.)?
What are your music reading skills (none, chords, written, limited, advanced)?


  1. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Thanks for your wisdom and insight into what you are looking for in your musicians. Very, very good! Joan Crouse

  2. Anonymous12:09 PM

    But, it's REALLY about who buys you the most lunches at Burger King, right?