Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dare to Laugh

"I was just kidding." That's a phrase my son has started to use. It usually follows something that he's done that he knows isn't right. I ask, "Joshua, did you take that toy from Kayla?" He gives it back to her and replies, "I was just kidding," as he smiles. Sometimes we use the phrase too - we all do. We say we really didn't mean something we said - we were kidding - right?! The next step from "I was kidding" is the "I didn't do it." Whether kidding or denying, both are lies. Yes, you did it - and yes you intended to do it.

There's a woman in the Bible who got caught in a small lie. Her name was Sarai. When she was really old, messengers from God came and told her and her husband Abram that they would have a baby. What was Sarai's response. She laughed to herself.

What's amazing is that God's messengers called her on it when they didn't even hear her laugh (remember, she laughed to herself). The messengers ask her husband (interestingly instead of her) why she laughed. Sarai denied it. She told a small lie. "I did not laugh." (Gen 18:15) God sees all and knows all. They respond, "No, but you did laugh." Ouch. These guys knew everything - because they worked for the all-knowing God.

At times, I've laughed on the inside - wondering how God would turn a situation around. Shame on me - just like Sarai for wondering if something is out of God's reach. From Sarai's example, God doesn't like mistrust. He doesn't like it when we then lie about our mistrust about Him. So I'm here to say that I've doubted God before - and I shouldn't have. That's where I'm so glad that God gives me a second chance, through His mercy, to place my trust in Him.

What do you perceive as potentially too big a situation that God may not act in your favor? Don't laugh. Trust Him.

God, forgive me when I've laughed at a situation that I thought was too far gone to be salvaged. You really are a God that can do anything. I don't want to mistrust you - with anything...the small stuff and big stuff. Thank You for promising that You care for me and want the best for me. I want to trust You every step of the way - even when things don't seem like they'll pan out.

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